Redefining industry norms 

Like many great stories and in true musician fashion, NGMM was born out of a moment of deep anger and frustration. A conversation about a really shitty (but standard!) deal sparked a thought process about why things are the way they are in this industry, and whether they make any sense in the first place. 


Why is it that almost every company that makes money from music, refuses to pay their musicians up front, in cash, for their time? Or, to put it differently, refuses to pay for the product they use to make massive amounts of money? How did we get to this place where music makers are actually paying to play -- with their time AND money?

The economics of the music industry reflect an abuse of power; a hoarding of wealth; a wielding of privilege. At the end of every day, it's always the musicians that lose. On the front end and the back end. 

We have several goals here at NGMM. Here are a few: provide stable income to working musicians, be a resource of high quality and affordable educational opportunities, and empower each person who comes across our company to take their business and their lives back into their own hands. 

Stick around to see how this all goes down!

- Nismah Osman

  Founder and CEO



Q: I still don't get it - what is NGMM?

A: NGMM is many things - a publisher, a career development center, an educational hub, and a community of forward-thinking music entrepreneurs, to name a few. Most importantly, we are a place that pays its music makers for their time.


Q: Is this pay to play?

A: Gross! The opposite, actually. One of our goals in providing memberships is to get you trained enough that you end up qualifying for one of our paid positions (we pay you to play!). They are a tool for you to use while you learn and grow as an independent music entrepreneur. The Submit List is free -- feedback on the songs you submit isn't. 

Q: Can I get fired from my paid position? How does that work?

A: Yes, you can get fired, just like at any other job that has a set of criteria and expectations that you agree to fulfill. We won't just kick you out, tho. We'll chat and work to understand what's going on and figure out why things aren't happening the way they should, then see if we can course-correct. We're in this together!

Q: Why would you (NGMM) pay for something that's free in the market (musicians' time)?

A: A magician never reveals their secrets! 

Q: Will you own my music? How does that work?

A: We work on a 50/50 split across the board, so anything you submit to us that we accept into our catalogue becomes 50% ours forever via the master and the publishing. We also retain the exclusive right to pitch the song. 

Q: Will I have to pay back my salary before I start earning royalties?

A: NO! Your salary is not an advance. We consider it a business expense on our end for getting to use the product you've spent time making. You'll start earning royalties right away.

Q: If I'm hired, can I work with other people?

A: You can work with whoever you want! However, you will have to cut them in using your half of the pie. In other words, NGMM will always own 50% of the track and song, no matter how many people you bring on. Also, if you're collaborating with other creators on our roster you can't double-dip track fulfillment, meaning -- you both can't submit the same song as part of your track count. 

Q: I'm a ________. Is this for me?

A: NGMM's paid programs are for anyone who is able to deliver top-quality music on a regular basis. If you're an awesome songwriter but don't know how to produce, for example, we encourage you to learn production (we offer tons of learning opps for this), and in the meantime team up with a great producer. Same goes for producers who don't write, etc. We want you to learn new skills and challenge yourself. We provide a community of the world's most talented music makers -- find your crew and get to work!


Our paid programs are meant to act as a stepping stool or launchpad for skilled, hardworking music makers who want to get paid to make music who maybe aren't already. If you're currently landing big $$ sync placements and don't need a supplemental salary or don't feel comfortable working at the rates we offer, then it probably means these opportunities are simply not for you (great job, keep going!!). Our goal is not to keep everyone on our salary for their entire career -- in fact, we've structured things in such a way that our programs have a natural "graduation" point where our creators are starting to get bigger paychecks from their music, therefore making our salaries no longer worth their time. They'll naturally head off our salaried roster on to bigger things, and that spot will clear for someone else! 

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ConnectionOpen, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Nevada in 2007 with the mission statement of both patenting and developing a low latency, high quality audio application that is end-user/internet compliant for point-to-point communication for use in business, school, entertainment and studio environments.

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