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We’re changing the music industry from the inside out.

We operate under the premise that music has value, and so does the time it takes to make it. 


That’s why at NGMM, we do the unthinkable — we pay you! Now AND later; and not with a high interest loan (otherwise known as an advance) — just pure green ca$h.

Music Producers


You make songs, you get paid. 

Salaried Positions

Every month we pay you a fixed amount. In exchange, you deliver a certain number of finished tracks.


One-Off Freelancer

You're not on salary, but you're approved to submit your finished track via our Submit List. If we like it, we buy it.


What's the deal?

50/50 across the board, exclusive. 


What’s the catch?

There is none, but our standards are sky high. We only take the best of the best, the hardest working and the most eager to learn.

Ok let’s get to the good stuff. How can you get paid? First things first -- you submit an application.


Becoming a self-sufficient musician in today's industry is not easy; there is so much to learn, and you have to be able to wear every hat.

While you're on your journey to joining our salaried roster, we don't leave you hanging -- we offer tons of affordable, value-packed learning opportunities to grow your skillset.

Music Production
Music Room


Like Jack says, we're always better together. We have a free Facebook group for anyone who is looking for a community of likeminded music makers to meet friends and make connections. We're always serving up valuable content in there, too.


A different approach, a building block in the foundation of the new music industry.

How are we different from a label? Why are we doing this? How is this sustainable?


All great questions. The short answer is: we play fair. As musicians, we're doing things from a completely different perspective. We've designed our structure in a way that contrasts most traditional music business models that require you to work on spec chasing the ever-elusive carrot.


Well we're tired of doing things that way, and we bet you are too. This is our part in working to create the new music industry. The one that, you know, pays its music makers...