Our next hiring round will open sometime in 2023, and we’re aiming to invite 25 independent creators to join our roster.

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Get Paid

We pay you a fixed monthly salary in exchange for a certain number of top quality, finished tracks.

We offer salaries in the range of $300-$3000+ per month, depending on the quality of your music and the number of tracks you can deliver. 


During the application process, you’ll have the opportunity to explain what salary range + track delivery count feels right for you. We ask that you seriously consider whether you have the time to commit to fulfilling your monthly track obligation. 


If we think your music is ready for the machine, we’ll set up an interview. If we think you have what it takes to be successful, we’ll make you an offer.


By Application Only


By Application Only

You submit a song to us. If we like it, we buy it.

The submit list is an opportunity to get paid for your music if you haven’t (yet!) been hired on salary. You must complete an application to be able to submit songs to us (you get on the submit list). You can send up to 3 songs a month.


We accept applicants on a rolling basis. If you aren’t accepted, you must wait 3 months to re-apply (hopefully improving your skills in the meantime!). 


Important to note:  we don’t offer feedback on these tracks unless you have a Hustler membership. If we want to buy it as is, you’ll hear from us!

What DO you do with my music?

Well, if it's in our catalogue it'll also be our music, so the short answer is: pitch the hell out of it.

We utilize our vast network of music industry contacts to make your music work for you. We pitch to sync licensing opps + agencies, artists, producers, playlists, publishers, etc. We have skin in the game, so we work hard to see a return on our investment (you and your music).


Questions? See our FAQ.


We're sure lots of people have this same question. So we developed a quick + free self-test  to help you figure out if your skills are a match for our paid positions.

Already know you have room to grow? We respect the humility. We got you.
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